Pokemon Go is No matter what it’s the Top Trending thing in USA nowadays and slowly taking all over,the craze for this game is just getting huge.

a free Virtual enlarged reality diversion for Android and iPhone, is taking off over the globe now – however the UK is as yet holding up. Here’s the manner by which to get the game at this moment, in addition to how to play Pokémon GO and data on the game UK discharge date, its trailer and gameplay. We additionally clarify what is the Pokémon Go Plus, and how to pre-request Plus at this point.

You can likewise hop straight to how to play Pokémon GO and early introductions. Top tip: If you will be playing Pokemon Go you are likely going to require a power bank – it is a battery executioner not with standing when you turn on the Battery Saver in the Settings.

Download the android pokemon game apk from here – Pokémon Go

we will also let you know when it will officially launch in some countries and will give the links so that you can play the game and download it for android and also for iOS


Pokémon Go is now available in the US for iOS and Android but for those who are not able to download as it is not officially launched in some countries but dont worry you can download from the above link that we have mention with ease.

The Game Company, which works with Nintendo and amusement producer Niantic Labs to supervise improvement of Go, let us know and Japan players to “please hold up a while.” It appears that hold up wasn’t too long, as the enlarged reality portable diversion has at long last appeared for iPhone clients in Apple’s US online store. The Play Store join, which beforehand said the application was “distracted in your nation,” got to be dynamic only a brief time back after a slight postponement after the iOS join went live. It’s hazy as of now when game will be made accessible in Japan, Canada, the UK, or different markets.

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