Prisma app making images more cooler than ever

    Prisma app the new cool thing in tech world that makeover your Boring images into Mindblowing images.


    Prisma app the new cool thing in tech world that turn your’s images in cool artworks using simple user interface with just a tap of a touch,with simple easy to share button you can share your Prisma pics in instagram,facebook and many more but currently only available to iOS platform,we will let you know when Prisma app will be available from Android platform so that you can download it.

    So all you need is an iPhone and download the app from Below.

    Download the App from Here – Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram

    prisma app burj khalifa

    Many of you must be thinking whats new in that there are already a sea full of apps which lets you edit images

    burj khalfiabut trust us this is the coolest that gives a new dimension to your images its a massive hit on internet as you can also observe that app is now receiving a huge number of downloads per day

    but there are some Pros and cons also that you must need to keep in mind.


    • Mind-blowing Artworks.
    • Simple and easy to use.


    • It can be used online only,so you need to connect to internet.

    So after looking from all aspects all we can say is that it certainly out stand its competitor’s Retrica, CandyCam but still a long way to go to achieve best till then lets see whats in the store for more.