After a long wait Twitter which is one of the leading social media networking site is finally releasing verified badges for all its twitter users to counter all fake accounts and prove the authenticity of an individual accounts.You can also get your Blue Verified Badge to your twitter profile in easy way.

So this is the Right time for you to get yourself Verified on twitter which is one the most active social networking site and prove your Authenticity to your audience and loyal fans.Time to get your Twitter Profiles Blue badge,its open for all who has unique identity & no matter from which location you belong.

  • All you need to do is to follow some steps to get verified on twitter.

Before Proceeding further you might have several questions in minds so let me cover all that about How to get verified on Twitter in this article.

  • What is the Blue Verified Badge on Twitter?
  • how to get verified on twitter without being famous
  • Who all are eligible for getting verified twitter badge?
  • What are the necessary documents required to get verified?
  • What to do in case you get rejected in twitter verification?

So lets start read this complete post to know everything about how to get twitter account verified easily.

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How to get verified on twitter without being famous

one of the major doubts regarding verification badge on twitter is that people think’s that its only for celebrities,politicians or mostly for Public figures.

Yes,earlier it was kind of truth but now as the interest of the people is growing more toward social networking and common people who are emerging as new sensation in any many fields like singing,dancing,business etc ;

thus it was felt that everyone should now get a verified badge on twitter account.

but,as i said its open for all but still its not for all and how is that its because everyone is not genuine mainly some people tends to have more accounts or may may have at least more than one account so to prove yourself genuine you account needs to have a unique identity.

so if you have your Unique identification you can easily follow the steps to get your Twitter account verified without being famous.

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Who is Eligible for getting Verified on twitter?

So,who can get his profile verified on twitter?

Anyone can but not everyone like in the above paragraph i told only those who have Genuine identification can get get his/her account verified on twitter.

So anyone can try it for getting verified on twitter, as it is open for all. But everyone cannot get verified.

there are several guidelines which need to be followed so that you can become verified.

Twitter guidelines for What types of accounts get verified?

‘An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.’

You should be a ‘public interest.’ that public knows like who you are so you can easily apply for twitter verified badge in other words,you can still apply if you think people knows you.

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Necessary things for Getting Verified on Twitter

To get yourself verified on Twitter,you need to get some necessary requirements done at your end like.

  • A confirmed email address.
  • A verified phone number.
  • A Real profile photo.
  • A Twitter header photo.
  • A Twitter bio describing about yourself.
  • A birthday for individual accounts.
  • Tweets privacy setting needs to be set in public.
  • Your Real twitter name.
  • Choose right twitter username.

So,this is basically normal things but everything here needs to be done in a Professional way so that Twitter can provide you a Verified blue badge for your unique entity.

Use your real entity and use everything that describe yourself like make a cool bio that tells about yourself your hobbies.

So make your First impression like a champ.

After you think that you have made a complete Profile like a professional one you can now Proceed to Next step to request verification.

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How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter

After Setting up your Profile nicely,just make sure that you are not logged out of your Account and still signed in your twitter profile.

Steps to proceed to submit the request for verification.


after opening the page you will see something like this after reading it Click on CONTINUE and proceed further.

Now,it will show your Twitter Username Over there. Click Next.

Note* If you run a business and want to appear as a company or a brand, then check the box at the bottom.


Now after clicking Next it will ask you about website in order to get verified if you run any website then simply enter the details in the Required fields and if now dont worry you can also include your social media profile links of LinkedIn, Facebook & Google Plus Profile Link.


  • you will not found this Box if you have not verified your Phone number,not entered your Birthday date and not mentioned any website in your profile page.
  • so make sure you follow steps properly in order to get your Twitter profile verified.

after this in the same page you will see a box asking you-

you need to write a short paragraph explaining why you need to verify your account?


Now the big main thing. You need to write an article under 500 characters explaining twitter what is your need to get a verified twitter badge on your twitter Profile.

Make sure you Write this Paragraph in correct way otherwise you could get Rejection.

Some Do and Dont’s

  • Don’t write long sentences with difficult words.
  • Write smartly with short meaningful words and talk in a straight manner.
  • Don’t make it long enough use the limit and write in concise points.
  • Do not include the link of any page write formally.
  • You should give them your identity and let them know that your account is of public interest and deserves verification.

Click on Next,When you complete the form.


on the next page, you will be asked to review your preferences. Kindly check them again if you have made a mistake.

When everything information is correct Just click on SUBMIT.

Please note that by clicking the Submit Button, you are accepting the responsibility of the information you submitted about you or your business

Now you will see a Thank You page


Twitter has received your request to verify your profile. They will let you know about it very soon via Email.

So keep checking your Mailbox for the next few days, you will get a reply from the twitter team with an update.

Which Legal Documents are required to Get Verified on Twitter?

Well, sometimes for verification purpose, they may ask for your Identity Proof Documents in their email reply.

You must provide a scanned copy of any one of the Government issued Identity Proofs (like driving licence,passport etc)

They will verify it and let you know their decision.

What happens if my application get’s rejected?

sometimes your application may get rejected for verification.

In that case,

Twitter Support Team will let you know about it and give you the reasons why your account wasn’t verified.

Can I re-apply if my application is rejected?

Fortunately, Yes you definitely can.

But, well you need to wait for at least 30 days after the denial email before you re-apply.

even if your application gets rejected don’t worry

you always get a second chance to verify your account.

So that’s all for Verifying your Twitter account we hope your twitter accounts get verified soon by following the steps we mentioned.Till then take care and Read our other posts too and don’t forget to share this with your Friend’s and family.